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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ikea's Fargrik

I've been wanting some white everyday dishes for quite sometime now.   Our current everyday's, while saying microwave and dishwasher safe, haven't really held up that well.

Most of the plates have chipped edges, as do the coffee cups.   I don't really MIND eating or drinking off of chipped dishes, but it is a little embarrassing to offer your mom or neighbor a chipped coffee cup.  Right?  Plus, lets face it, white dishes are just classic, and while I like our blue and whites, I'd like something less busy. 

Well, we've been trying to follow the Dave Ramsey financial peace program, so the only extras we've bought lately have been baby related.   Even those have been few and far between and only at extreme deals.

I found a pretty and inexpensive set of dishes at Walmart that I wanted, but at $29 for a set of four, we'd need at LEAST 2 sets.  That's at LEAST $60, which might not sound like much, but technically we've forbid ourselves from spending anything extra.   (By the way, being so frugal is really working - in just one month of saving.. printing coupons, no eating out, no extra anything- we've managed to fully fund our $1000 emergency savings plan AND pay off a small balance on our Lowes card.  Sweet.   We felt so strapped before and I felt like it would take MONTHS to reach the required $1000 for the initial emergency plan, and I had no idea doing that in ONE month would be possible.. never know what you're capable of until you try, right?  I guess this just shows how liberal we were with spending before and we didn't even realize it.)

Well, in our mailbox this afternoon was an ad from Ikea.  We're so lucky to live within a 40 mile radius of one of these stores.  I remember having to drive over 3 hours when I was a kid.

Anyhoo, this weekend Ikea has their Fargrik dinnerware set on sale from $24.99 to only $9.99.  6 dinner plates, 6 side plates and 6 bowls.   That is quite the steal.  I'd have to purchase the mugs individually, but they're ONLY $0.59 each.  Holy bargain.   Actually, I'm not that big of a fan of the mugs, so I'd almost rather find a different mugs.  I'd still need two sets to make me feel good to go, but at less than $10, it's totally possible.   $20 for 12 plates, 12 side plates, and 12 bowls??  12+12+12= 36 pieces, approximately 55 cents each.   I think I could totally justify that.

Does anyone have these and can you tell me if they chip easily?  

Thanks in advance!



  1. i have these dishes. and no, they don't chip easily. i really like them...and the bowl is a perfect size!

  2. Ooo, thatnks for the headsup. I've been looking for white dishes for a while too. I also saw some that I loved at Wal Mart the other day with a cute bead trim, but I wasn't willing to pay $60 for all of it.

  3. those are totally cute! And holy bargain!

    So, how do you like the Dave Ramsey thing? We're going to have to do something, but its soooo intimidating to me and really, i have no idea where to start... any tips?

  4. While I do love these I recently returned my second set because within two weeks I noticed that the bowls had serious dark scratch marks in them. If you cut on the plates they will also develop marks....I thought that over time they would look awful, but, for $10.......

  5. Thanks for the feedback! Hmm. Scratch marks would probably make them a no go. We USE our dishes for every meal, no paper around here, so I want something that will hold up to daily (three times a day) use.

    Natosha, message you! :)

  6. Good for you for saving your money! You will be rewarded when you have been married for 19 yrs. like my husband and I.

    Can't help on the dishes. I am not an Ikea girl.

  7. Can anyone tell me where the dishes are made?

  8. "We USE our dishes for every meal, no paper around here, so I want something that will hold up to daily (three times a day) use."

    Then you want IKEA's 365+ dishes. They are porcelain, not stoneware, and designed to withstand daily use (hence the name).

    "Anonymous said...
    Can anyone tell me where the dishes are made?"

    The Fargrik are made in China.

  9. I just bought these dishes and they are scratched after the first use. I loved the price and the shape and the size of the set, but are really angry that they scratched so easy.

  10. I bought some of the mugs today in Perth, Western Australia and they only cost 75c each which is cheap but they have these crappy white labels on which are a pig to get off!


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