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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A party for a Super Hero. Part 1

Our Rylan is ALL boy.  He is REALLY into superheroes, which is very interesting and fun to us since Brodie has always been more into building towers with blocks or Lego's than dressing up as a powerful caped person.  LOL.

So, since he really wouldn't have it any other way, for Rylan's 5th birthday last week, we threw him a little Captain America birthday party. 

I had fun putting everything together, and we really lucked out on the red, white, and blue decorations.  Our local party supply store had all of the Fourth of July Patriotic stuff on clearance, but it worked perfectly with a Captain America theme.

A photo backdrop I painted hung on the wall and I set up the art project area on the dining table.

In the kitchen/family room area, I set up a drink station to the right and had our hotdog bar fixings on the bar.

I didn't take a big photo of the hotdog bar.  I meant to do it after the hotdogs and buns were in place, but by then we'd started doing activities and I got distracted taking photos of the kids.  :)    I did manage to take photos of each of the food labels during setup though.   I found the little yellow bowls on the clearance aisle of WalMart for $.75 for a pack of four. 

I'd also set up fruit salad and potato salad, but they were lidded at this point and didn't have their labels on.  I believe they read, "Power Boosting Fruit Mix" and "Hero Worthy Potato Salad"... in case anyone was wondering.  :)

Chili stayed warm in the crock pot, and chips were served in a basket lined with brown craft paper.

First up, the kiddos worked on their art project, which was decorating their own Captain America shields.  I assembled the shields themselves before the party, and put out sticky letters, precut out circles, glue, construction paper, and coloring sheets for them to use to decorate their shields. 

This photo cracks me up because my husband's mother and grandmother appear to be
SO serious about these shields, lol!

Next up, I cleared away the art supplies, we ate, and then came CANDLES and presents!  Yay!!!

My heroes.....  <3

The Birthday Boy...

Brodie and my Super Hero Husband...   LOL!

and... our sweet little friends who were our neighbors when we lived in Austin, and now live only about 5 miles from us.  Crazy right?

Overall, everything turned out really great and our little boy had a GREAT day.  I'll be back in a few days with a post about specific little projects I did for the big day.

:)  Courtney


  1. You did such a good job! Everything turned out "SUPER" Cute!! Your mind Goes To Such Creative Places, that Some of us Dream of going, but can never quite get there. lol!

  2. Do not be surprised if you see any of your Neat ideas, in my pics For girls next Birthday Party lol!! ...I am curious?..Did you Home-Make those cupcakes?

  3. CourtneyAndThenThereWasHomeThursday, August 04, 2011

    haha, oh I don't know Sharell, I've seen photos of your girls' parties... you do a fantastic job WITHOUT any of my ideas! LOL. Plus I'm sure none of mine are original.. I saw everything somewhere or another, lol. The cupcakes were from Randall's. We looked at several places, trying to find a Captain America cake, with no luck. Now that the movie is out, they'll probably have the stuff everywhere though, ha. We saw some of these on display at the Randall's bakery, but the ones on display were actually a bit bigger, with more frosting. Those sold for $1.99 each, but the bakery itself sells packs of a dozen cupcakes for $7 something. They were willing to let me order 2 dozen of just the normal cupcakes (with less frosting), all white frosted, with red, white, blue sprinkles instead of the multi color they normally do. They then let me have the captain america shields that they put on the higher priced cupcakes for FREE. Totally awesome. So, we got two dozen cupcakes, one white and one red velvet, for around $15. Not too shabby. I actually looked at Party city for captain america cupcake toppers, and they had batman and spiderman, but no captain america... so I decided not to go the homemade route.


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